How Harbinger Grew Recurring Revenue by 660% 


David found oxbird after a bad experience with a different white label vendor. His agency was young, and Harbinger has grown up with oxbird. Five years later, Harbinger’s recurring revenue has skyrocketed by 660%. oxbird’s PPC successes have played a key role in that growth, managing 120+ ad accounts for their clients.

Meet the Partner 

Harbinger Marketing is an outsourced marketing agency that specializes in custom websites, photography, videography, graphic design, digital ads, and more. Their target clients are small businesses that need the phone to ring and want to grow.

They have found that PPC is “by far” one of the most cost-effective ways to achieve their clients’ goals. They are able to predict marketing dollars spent relative to ROI.

Identify the Problem 

When Harbinger found their first opportunity to sell PPC, they “immediately white labeled it” because they could not afford to hire talent in-house.

Whenever they outsource something, they recognize that “there are always risks.” It did not work out well that first time, and they regretted the unfortunate outcome.

“[The other PPC vendor] was cheaper but we got what we paid for. The quality was poor, the communication was poor, and the results for our clients were poor.”

For Harbinger, outsourcing “comes down to trust in the character of the people you are partnering with.” They wanted a partner who would “be domestic, trustworthy, reachable, and have quality case studies” so they could feel confident with them.

David says oxbird “met our criteria… fixed our problems… and won our trust.”

Understand Our Services 

The success of our partnership is partially due to similar company cultures.

David said, “I believe that we are aligned both in how we treat our team members and clients with excellence and kindness… We have enjoyed and appreciated working with oxbird and found your team to be very easy to work with.”

Harbinger found oxbird’s “ease of scalability and diverse, multi-disciplinary team” to be an asset “that I did not have to pay for because I only had to pay for what I needed and what I had already sold.” He increased his portfolio with our team incrementally.

Their Digital Marketing department has found that training new team members “on how to use oxbird’s services has been a very simple process” with no issues.

oxbird’s technology has played an important role in that streamlined growth,

“We have not [used anything like Pivot before]. It helped keep things organized on the ads side of things. It’s easy to let things get lost and disorganized as you are trying to scale, so Pivot alleviated this pain point by keeping everything clearly stored under one roof for us to refer to.”

Beyond the staffing and technology, though, David also trusts oxbird for results,

“We ensure that oxbird has what they need to accurately and confidently manage ads for our clients. Then oxbird takes the information that we provide and manages our clients’ ad campaigns. As we provide further feedback during the life of the account, they optimize and improve all aspects of the campaigns to ensure that our clients’ marketing dollars are being spent efficiently, driving consistent and relevant results.” 

These results fuel Harbinger’s aggressive sales efforts. David’s favorite feature is our sales support. “[Market Analyses] have been very valuable to us during our sales assessment process. We use the projections from the oxbird team to forecast the potential results that our prospects could achieve when partnering with us.”

As of 2023, oxbird has completed over 300 market analyses for Harbinger’s team.

See the Results 

Harbinger has found oxbird’s PPC services to be “particularly valuable” because “it is the most expedient way to generate leads and revenue.” Now they “package it with virtually every marketing service as a full-stack outsourced marketing agency.”

We asked if they saw improvements to client KPIs after partnering with us, and David said, “There were so many changes, too many to count, so we are pleased with oxbird.”

“We grew up with oxbird and scaled with oxbird. If we had tried to scale as quickly as we had using someone in-house, there would be times when we would not have been profitable. Without oxbird’s help, we would not have been able to scale quickly.”

The white label model proved essential to early growth. “When you grow a business, and you have to hire internally, there is a risk associated with that. In our relationship with oxbird, we only paid AFTER we had brought in a client, thus mitigating risk.”

“Instead of spending hours creating a client’s ad account from scratch, creating the ads, setting up conversion tracking, etc., my team is able to hand the project off to the oxbird team to execute and then continue on with their other responsibilities.”

“Having oxbird manage our ads has given us great peace of mind knowing that we have a team full of professionals behind the scenes constantly optimizing our client’s accounts and catching the small things so that we can focus on the bigger picture.” 

“We have received quality service, good results for our clients, and ease of scalability.”

“Having the capability of being able to provide quality media-buying PPC services has allowed us to be competitive and grow… We are in the business of helping our clients grow, and digital ads are by far one of the most effective ways to do that.”

These are reasons why Harbinger has trusted oxbird with 120+ client ad accounts.

Follow the Journey 

Harbinger’s current challenges include “having a business large enough to hire internally” and “continuing to make outsourcing a scalable solution.” We have worked with Harbinger extensively to ensure our pricing is effective and marketable.

Many of Harbinger’s clients stick around for years, so we are collaborating on ways to increase Harbinger’s profitability on those PPC services while preserving retention.

Their goals involve “aggressive growth, increased profitability, and lowering the price of legacy clients so we can scale together.” oxbird maintains the same commitments.

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