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Paid Search

Google Ads

oxbird offers an extensive range of Google Ads services designed to attract new customers and increase your clients’ return on investment (ROI). Our expertise focuses on search campaigns, where we showcase text and shopping ads to users actively searching for your clients’ brands, services, and products. Our display campaigns maximize your client’s brand visibility and ROI through carefully retargeted banner ads. For those looking to expand brand awareness, our video campaigns utilizing YouTube ads target users with relevant search histories. All of this is included in Google Ads.

Each service we offer is meticulously curated. We maximize your return on ad spend (ROAS) by bidding aggressively on top performers and minimizing poor performers. Our goal is to make your job easier: providing a streamlined onboarding process, monthly management, and comprehensive reporting so you’re always in the loop.

Microsoft Ads

At oxbird, we offer expert Microsoft Ads services to amplify your client’s reach and capitalize on unique features that are unavailable in Google Ads. With our approach, you can benefit from lower average costs per click (CPCs), improved interest-based audience targeting, and reduced competition due to Bing’s less-crowded advertising space.

We’ll effectively convert your ad formats when switching from Google Ads to Microsoft. oxbird ensures your clients get the best ROI, providing you with a team of experts who understand your needs and deliver measurable results. Our mission is to make your job easier while increasing ROI through our streamlined onboarding process, tailored campaign strategies, and consistent monthly management and reporting.