How Advantage Attorney  Reduced Costs by $40,000/yr


Advantage Attorney built an in-house team for PPC, but the results were underwhelming. It was even worse when Darin tried four major white label PPC agencies. He stopped offering PPC. But his clients kept asking for PPC, so he tried oxbird. Now Darin is excited about saving $40,000/yr and generating 20% in profit.

Meet the Partner 

Advantage Attorney is a full-service marketing and advertising agency for small law firms. Darin and his team provide solo attorneys and small law firm owners with high-end marketing services that help them level the field with the big firms.

Identify the Problem 

“We spent a ton of time and money trying to build an internal PPC team.” But it “was such a pain… the staffing cost alone was enough to choke a horse, and we couldn’t seem to produce the results our clients deserved.” It “was just not a viable option.” 

They “wasted even more time and money on other PPC agencies that lacked the skill and professionalism of oxbird,” using “some of the biggest names in the business.” But “none of them understood the importance of providing good service or producing measurable results.”

“After trying several white label PPC agencies, [Advantage Attorney] finally stopped offering PPC for a few years” because they couldn’t produce results and make their clients happy. This was an awkward compromise, though.

Darin’s team provides “a broad range of services: organic SEO, content, websites, television, billboards, etc., but PPC was a missing component. Many of our clients asked for PPC, but we had to refer them to a different agency. They inevitably came back dissatisfied and wanted us to do it.”

“I wasn’t going to do it in-house again, and I couldn’t find a good PPC partner.” 

Understand Our Services 

Darin found oxbird a few years before he started working with us. All the “overpriced, underperforming PPC agencies” had made him “gun-shy about using another white label agency.” But he was impressed by oxbird and “had a good feeling about them,” so when he “gave in and started offering PPC again,” oxbird was his first choice.

“oxbird made the onboarding completely painless. They have an excellent system that is easy to learn and use. I have been through many onboarding sessions, but oxbird was one of the best. “

Since they hadn’t offered PPC for a couple of years, Darin’s biggest concern was his team’s lack of PPC experience. However, he found that “oxbird made it easy for them to learn what they needed to learn” and was “always willing to answer questions for our rookie team members.” He believes “very little training is necessary to use oxbird’s services.” The biggest thing to learn is what info oxbird needs from their clients.

“Our team doesn’t complain about working with oxbird. oxbird relieves pressure on them by making PPC easy to do and having systems that seamlessly fit into what we do… When we started working with oxbird, we did not have to change anything except communicating through Pivot and Twist.”

Darin and his team had “used other apps to manage PPC clients, but nothing like Pivot. Pivot is easy to use and guides even our new account reps through setting up a new PPC client and submitting change requests. Pivot cuts down the time it takes to set up a new client and eliminates the need for training our people to use it.” 

Advantage Attorney had to offer PPC because their clients were asking for it. Darin “wasn’t looking at it as a profit center,” and he “just wanted to satisfy the needs of [their] clients.” But oxbird has “made it so easy to do that that minimal involvement from his team is necessary, and [they] can still make money off it without outrageously marking up the fee that oxbird charges.”

” No one was more skeptical about hiring a white label PPC company than me. I am glad I did and would recommend [other agencies] give oxbird a try. “

See the Results 

Darin and his team at Advantage Attorney have reaped many benefits with oxbird.

“We use the oxbird dashboard, which is clean and easy for our clients to understand. oxbird has increased our conversion rates and decreased the CPCs significantly.”

“The most significant advantage we have gained is client satisfaction. Producing results and providing good service improves retention rates, so we don’t spend as much time and money trying to acquire new clients… By offering PPC to our clients confidently, we reduce the risk of clients leaving us to go to another agency.” 

“My favorite part is I don’t have to worry about PPC, which is why we are doing more and more business with oxbird… My productivity has gone way up… You cannot put a value on not having to worry about PPC. It is worth every penny.”

From when we used to do it in-house, oxbird easily saves us $40,000 per year. [Since starting to offer PPC again], oxbird has opened up a new profit center for us. We hope by the end of this year, to have at least a 20% increase in profit from PPC. 

“oxbird is already helping us to achieve [our goal of doubling active clients in the next 12 months] by allowing us to add another service and by allowing us to scale.”

Follow the Journey 

Advantage Attorney offers PPC with their organic marketing services.

“PPC makes a great addition to those services, and our clients like not using multiple vendors. We are starting to offer it along with our omnichannel packages.”

Now they include a pitch for PPC in almost every proposal. “oxbird has filled a hole in our service offerings [by enabling us to offer PPC].” Their clients do not have to try other vendors, and Darin has a good answer.

“Knowing that we can call on oxbird for anything [related to PPC], and trust them to do it right, has opened up many more options and enabled us to scale.” 

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