Help Customers Find You Using Facebook Ads

Introduce new customers to your brand while they browse social media. Generate sales through strategic targeting and effective copy with clear calls to action.

  • Build brand awareness with custom audiences
  • Reach new customers to get leads and sales
  • Live dashboard to collect data and see results
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Experience Pays. Trust the Experts.

You’re not competing against your competitors, you’re competing against their marketing agencies. Here’s how we can help you win:

  • Tap into the experience of our former Facebook employees
  • Invest the time to build and segment high-quality audiences
  • Craft nuanced campaigns with custom settings and ad types
  • Conserve monthly budget by minimizing poor performers
  • Maximize ROAS by bidding aggressively on top performers

Lead Generation to Get New Clients

We typically deploy at least two types of campaigns: prospecting and retargeting. Normally we’ll craft several variants of ad copy to test with multiple pieces of carefully selected creative (30-45 second branded videos with a clear offer are the best!). Then we retarget your most engaged prospects, showing them longer content more often. Sometimes we also use native lead forms, customizing the fields and field types with qualifying questions to boost your lead quality.

eCommerce to Get More Sales

Want to showcase your selection? We can try product ads, travel ads, hotel ads, automotive inventory ads, and more. It’ll look good. We’ll also make sure the pixel is setup to track everythingvideo views, instagram activity, website behavior, cart abandonment, etc. Then we can use dynamic remarketing to remind users about relevant inventory. The campaign settings can also be optimized for cross-selling, and we can train the algorithms to improve average transaction value.

Written articles, videos, and images are the three most engaging types...
After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online.
74% of people say they are using their Facebook account for professional purposes.
One-third of the most viewed Instagram stories are from business profiles.

Custom Audiences and User Data

Two words: lookalike audiences. Send us data about your best customers, and we’ll have Facebook’s AI get to work finding more users just like them. We can also start from scratch, carefully researching your brand to build segmented audiences with tightly themed interests. It’s important to measure and minimize the overlap between audiences, and we also help you avoid ad fatigue: local and exclusive audiences tend to need new ads more often since they have smaller viewerships.

Sync Platforms for Instagram Ads

Yes, we do Instagram Ads. In fact, they’re built into Facebook Ads by default so you can almost do it without trying. We’ll typically run a campaign on both networks to get started, but we like to focus the spend on whichever performs better once we start to observe trends. Your brand is probably a good fit for Instagram if you have strong creative content and a more light-hearted vibe (e.g. not divorce lawyers). Text is less visible on Instagram, so we usually highlight images, videos, and stories.

Hey guys, we’re KILLING IT with [his white-label client] right now. If you see an opportunity to scale spend further, do it! If you feel we could really go wild Black Friday - Cyber Monday, don’t hesitate. Just let us know.

Justin G., Co-Founder

Facebook Ads Management Fees


< $5k monthly budget
$ 1,000 per month
  • + $750 setup fee


$5k-19k monthly budget
20% of monthly ad spend
  • + $750 setup fee


$20k+ monthly budget
17% of monthly ad spend
  • + $750 setup fee

Note: Agencies can request white-label pricing.

All SMM Pricing Tiers Include:

  • Month-to-month service
  • Detailed conversion tracking
  • Live performance dashboard
  • Bi-weekly written updates
  • Campaign budget updates
  • Admin access to ad accounts
  • Competitor research
  • Lookalike audience setup
  • Custom audience creation
  • Ad placement optimization
  • Bidding optimizations
  • Geotargeting and day-parting
  • Audience targeting updates
  • Detailed ad extensions
  • Remarketing audiences
  • Ad copy and creative tests
  • Ad disapproval resolution
  • Call tracking and recording

Ready to Get Started?

We would be happy to help you figure out what it would take to get started or perform an audit on any existing campaigns.