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Using Microsoft Ads

Expand your client's reach by setting up campaigns that are very similar to the ones on Google Ads, but reach a different type of audience and take advantage of some unique features.

Elbow Room on the Search Network

Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, is basically Google’s little brother. Bing controls a much smaller piece of market share, so there are a lot less advertisers on Microsoft Ads. Less competition can be a good thing, though, because it usually translates into lower CPCs on Microsoft Ads. This in turn can help you stretch your client’s budget by reducing their advertising costs. If your client has maxed out their spend on Google Ads–or if they have a budget under $1,000–we’d recommend giving Microsoft Ads a shot for a while.

Enhanced Audience Targeting

Microsoft acquired LinkedIn back in 2016, and now they let advertisers target users based on their Company, Job function, or Industry. This means we can help you bid higher on audiences that match your client’s target profile. In addition, a decent number of Bing users do not regularly search on Google, so using Microsoft Ads can help you reach a new audience. Lastly, Microsoft also provides some smaller tweaks for audience targeting that we can leverage to get your clients dialed in, like specific device OSs.

The average CPC on Microsoft Ads is 60% lower than the average CPC on Google Ads.
43% of online users and searchers are senior decision-makers at their workplace.
Campaigns on Microsoft Ads face ~36% less competition than Google Ads.
Over 30% of Bing users have a household income of $100K+ and nearly 50% are $75K+.

Extra Features in a Different Package

There are some great ad extension options: action links for adding a CTA button, reviews for posting customer feedback, and images for showing graphics on text ads. It’s also easy to get started because we can copy your client’s campaigns from Google Ads (ask for a discount on onboarding). The search term reports are more detailed and enable our specialists to find more negative keywords to conserve ad spend, and Microsoft Ads targets users on Bing, Yahoo, and AOL together. Microsoft has lots of small perks.

The Best Clients for Microsoft Ads

Microsoft Ads can work for a variety of clients, but three verticals we’d recommend trying are B2B, luxury goods, and financial services. For B2B, Bing attracts professional users on work devices and decision makers via LinkedIn. Luxury goods work well because older users with higher incomes and average transaction values tend to browse on the default search engine in their Windows computers. Lastly, finance clients can do well since Microsoft targets Yahoo and MSN, which offer financial reporting services.

I was super impressed with yall's work... and your communication on the project. There were initiatives you took that are hard to find in team members.

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