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Using Google Ads

Show text ads to users actively searching for your brand, services, and products. You can also generate traffic and awareness with image and video ads.

  • Highly interested users ready to convert
  • Accurate tracking for ROI calculations
  • Live dashboard for convenient monitoring
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Experience Pays. Trust the Experts.

You’re not competing against your competitors, you’re competing against their marketing agencies. Here’s how we can help you win:

  • Invest the time to find high-intent keywords and audiences
  • Craft nuanced campaigns with custom settings and extensions
  • Conserve monthly budget by minimizing poor performers
  • Maximize ROAS by bidding aggressively on top performers

Text Ads on the Search Network

We meticulously research ideas in the Keyword Planner, evaluating user intent and search volume for every keyword; we also collect low-quality ideas as industry-specific negative keywords to safeguard performance. The ad copy is thoughtfully structured for A/B testing, and we deploy every relevant ad extension to maximize the impact. We also customize each campaign setting and setup accurate conversion tracking. This combo is excellent for capturing existing user interest.

Image Ads on the Display Network

We configure custom Google Analytics retargeting audiences based on your website traffic and import them to Google Ads so that we can show your ads to users via images, animations, and banners on websites, in Gmail, and in apps. We also create custom audiences based on user search activity, demographics, and specific website placements to help generate brand awareness and increased search volume. This can be really helpful for new service or product launches.

69% of searchers that are mobile call a business straight from Google search.
Display advertising has proven to increase traffic to websites by 300%.
Consumers are 27x more likely to click on online video ads than standard banners.
Google Ads results receive 66% of buyer-intent keyword searches online.

Video Ads on the YouTube Network

Advertisers with existing video assets may be able to repurpose them on YouTube, helping to build brand awareness. We often use pre-roll ads, so you’re not charged unless the user watches at least 30 seconds. The best videos are usually no more than 90 seconds. This can be an effective choice for advertisers who can’t afford the search ad CPCs in their industry but would still like to show custom videos to users who have a high-intent search history. Same customers, different ad format.

Shopping Ads on the Search Network

The comparatively low CPCs and wide variety of ad placements make this a compelling choice for eCommerce advertisers. We are ready to build campaigns for advertisers who already have their product feed setup in Google Merchant Center and would like help creating campaigns in Google Ads. Our specialists regularly take deep dives into the search terms and targeting settings to improve the automated placements that Google uses on shopping campaigns.

A lot of the numbers are extremely encouraging, and so please convey my thanks to your team. Cost per conversion is down pretty significantly, and conversion rate is up.

Ross Barefoot, Search Pros International

Google Ads Management Fees


< $3k monthly budget
$ 600 per month
  • + $750 setup fee


$3k-19k monthly budget
20% of monthly ad spend
  • + $750 setup fee


$20k+ monthly budget
17% of monthly ad spend
  • + $750 setup fee

Note: Agencies can request white-label pricing.

All SEM Pricing Tiers Include:

  • Month-to-month service
  • Detailed conversion tracking
  • Live performance dashboard
  • Bi-weekly written updates
  • Campaign budget updates
  • Admin access to ad accounts
  • Competitor research
  • Keyword research / targeting
  • Negative keyword lists
  • Search term monitoring
  • Bidding optimizations
  • Geotargeting and day-parting
  • Audience targeting updates
  • Detailed ad extensions
  • Remarketing audiences
  • A/B split-testing for ads
  • Ad disapproval resolution
  • Call tracking and recording

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