Service Level Agreement

01 General Terms

01.01 Communication

01.01.01 Methodology

All requests for support should be submitted as a ticket in O.X. or via email to We also provide support via phone calls and/or Zoom meetings, although we do not integrate with third party applications (e.g. project management or chat systems used by our partners).

We aim to provide response times no greater than one business days. If errors are reported, they receive the highest priority in our queue. We reserve the right to limit excessive requests for support.

01.01.02 Internal Contacts

Our goal is to provide the most accurate and timely responses to client inquiries. Toward that end, we receive all requests for support via centralized ticketing software and assign them internally based on expertise and availability.

01.01.03 Service Level Agreement

We reserve the right to update or modify these terms as we deem fit. The purpose of this service level agreement is to inform our clients of the requirements and best practices for utilizing our services. By using our services, you agree to comply with these terms.

01.02 Invoicing

01.02.01 Payments & Billing

You have the option to pay by bank transfer or credit card. Credit card transactions will incur a 3% transaction fee. There is no additional fee to pay by bank transfer. Upon receipt of service request, we will contact you to collect billing information via an authorization form if you have not already provided one.

We invoice you per service per account on different ad publishers, so each account will have their own invoice(s). All invoices will be setup on auto-pay.

01.02.02 Onboarding Invoice

The 1st invoice for your service covers the onboarding fee. The onboarding invoice is sent within one business day from receipt of a service request. We charge a flat fee to onboard each service. For example, you would receive two invoices if we onboard both Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

We are committed to finishing onboarding and starting management within 10 business days (excluding oxbird holidays) of receiving the service request. However, this is contingent upon us receiving payment from you the same day we invoice and upon us receiving requested access (and any other requested items; e.g. ad account billing method, shared creative content, etc.) within 3 business days.

01.02.03 Management Invoice

The first invoice for management will be sent 10 business days after the invoice for onboarding is sent and will recur monthly on the same day. Our monthly management fees are charged as either a flat fee or a percentage of ad spend, whichever is greater and depending on the service requested.

01.02.04 Cancellation Policy

Refunds are available only upon request, and we usually recommend a credit toward any existing services. For onboarding, we will provide a full refund for any requests received within 5 calendar days of submitting the respective service request. For management, cancellations take effect at the end of the billing cycle, although a refund may be granted if the cancellation request is received within 5 calendar days of the start of the billing cycle. We do not provide partial or prorated refunds for management at any point later in the billing cycle.

01.03 Service Provisions

01.03.01 Initiating Service

To begin, please fill out the respective service request.

When we receive the request, we will reach out to collect payment and a signed authorization form. We reserve the right to suspend onboarding until these are received.

Upon receipt of these items, we will provide confirmation and request access. Here are some guidelines for the ways in which we handle access points:

  • We use to connect to your online assets, including:
    • Your ad account
    • Your Google Analytics account(s), if necessary
    • Your Google Tag Manager account(s)
  • We utilize LastPass to collect and store credentials. If any credentials are required, we will ask you to share them with Please share individual credentials, instead of folders.
  • We do not provide support for any third-party lead tracking systems (e.g. Salesforce, Hubspot, etc). However, we can configure conversion events and goals in GA or in the ad publisher(s) / platform(s) we manage for you.
  • We will provide you with a link to a shared Google Drive folder if you would like to provide creative content. Please organize and upload the content for our team.

You will need to provide the requested access within 3 business days to ensure a timely launch. We will begin the build process after all requested access points are received.

01.03.02 Build Process

Once we receive notice that your account(s) is ready to begin the build process, we will notify you that the build process has begun. The build deadline is set for 7 business days later and will be confirmed in the notice.

If you wish to adjust the original objectives, please submit your request via a ticket within 5 calendar days of submitting the service request. Requests for changes after the build process has started may cause delays in the launch process. If a significant request for change is made after 5 calendar days, we reserve the right to assess a second fee for onboarding. This will be determined and communicated on a case-by-case basis.

01.03.03 Approval & Launch

We can provide previews for our services before they launch if requested on the service request or by submitting a ticket within 5 calendar days of submitting the service request. We can provide two rounds of edits before requesting a finalized version. We will notify you the same day that the build is completed and management services begin.

01.03.04 Management

Management will begin after receipt of payment for each billing cycle. If payment is not received, we reserve the right to suspend service at the end of the previous cycle, resuming only after payment is received for the current billing cycle.

If one of our team members finds a critical error that is stopping service (e.g. disapprovals, publishing issues, etc), we will provide written notice to you the same day we notice it.

01.03.05 Cancellation Request

We require the submission of a cancellation form to end service for an account. This will include critical information like the date you wish to discontinue and will confirm follow-up actions (e.g. should campaigns be paused?). We do not require contracts, so either party may choose to discontinue one or more service(s) at any time. We reserve the right to bill for any services completed prior to receipt of a cancellation request.

01.03.05 Returning Advertisers

If you would like us to resume management for a service previously cancelled, please submit a ticket so that we can determine next steps. We usually ask that you submit a change request form to resume the service.

01.03.06 Additional Services

We typically limit our services to the scope outlined in this Agreement. If you would like additional support, we may be able to provide it for $300/hr (with a one hour minimum), and you may submit a request to

Due to the sporadic nature and variable scope of these additional service requests, we are not able to guarantee fulfillment though we are committed to providing a great experience for our clients. Please provide whatever details you have on hand, and we will follow up with an indication of our interest and a rough estimate for the hours required. The estimate will not be considered binding, though, and is simply a complementary service. Upon completion of the project, we will provide an invoice for the hours and require payment upon receipt of the invoice.

02 SEM & SMM Services

02.01 Invoicing

02.01.01 Onboarding Invoice

The $750 onboarding fee covers the cost of collecting billing information and access as well as updating the ad account to reflect advertising best practices, which may include building new campaigns.

02.01.02 Management Invoice

Our monthly management fee for Google or Microsoft is $600 a month, or 20% of ad spend for the previous 30 days, whichever is greater. The amount charged for the first month will be based on the monthly budget.                          Our monthly management fee for Facebook or LinkedIn is $1000, or 20% of ad spend for the previous 30 days, whichever is greater. The amount charged for the first month will be based on the monthly budget.

We invoice for services instead of ad spend, so you will need to input your own billing information into the ad account so that you will be billed directly by the ad publisher. Because your billing information is utilized, we will provide you with permanent administrative rights to all ad accounts we manage for you.

02.01.03 Monthly Budget

We calculate “monthly budget” cycles as starting on the 1st of each calendar month, regardless of the start and stop dates for our management services. For example, if we begin management of an advertiser’s campaigns on the 19th and the monthly budget is $2000, we may spend the entire $2000 before the turn of the month.

If you would like to request either temporary or indefinite adjustments to the monthly budget for an advertiser, please submit a ticket. If you are requesting an updated monthly budget that is more than $1000 different from your previous budget, please submit your request no less than 5 calendar days before the change date.

02.02 Onboarding

02.02.01 Initiating Service

To initiate service for an account, please submit a service request. This form will collect strategic information to help us ensure that our strategy is well-aligned with your objectives and goals for advertising.

02.02.02 Required Access

Before we begin building your campaigns, we will need to confirm the following with you:

  • Signed authorization form
  • Payment of our setup invoice
  • Proper access to the ad account
  • Correct billing info for ad spend in the ad account
  • Proper access to a Google Analytics property
  • Proper installation of a Google Tag Manager container on the website
  • Proper access to the Google Tag Manager container
  • Uploaded creative content for use in ads, if necessary
  • Developed website that is ready for paid traffic

If you do not have an account for either Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager, or if you are unable to provide access for our team, we can create one for you at no cost. We are ready to help with any questions.

02.02.03 Existing Campaigns

When a service request is submitted, we will evaluate any existing campaigns to see if they are in good enough shape to avoid a significant restructure. If they are not, then we will pause them after we finish and upload our new campaigns. If they are, then we will simply make adjustments as necessary before proceeding into our normal optimization routine.

02.02.04 Resolving Disapprovals

If ads are disapproved by the ad publisher, we will work through the following steps until we either reach a resolution or are able to confirm a problem with the website:

  1. Manually review the ads and look for any accidental errors.
  2. Edit and update the ads to eliminate common issues.
  3. Contact the ad publisher’s support team to obtain an explanation for the disapproval and to obtain their recommendation regarding next steps.
  4. Implement any relevant changes or edits in the ad account.

If we determine that the cause of the disapproval is due to content on the your website, we can provide a limited amount of technical support. If the requirements are very involved, we may need to charge on an hourly basis to resolve the issue. Alternatively, we can provide you with contact information for the ad publisher’s support team and any required authorization information so that you can continue the investigation independently. We are not able to help with web design needs, though we can adjust any landing pages we design.

02.02.05 eCommerce Accounts

While most of our accounts focus on lead generation, we do provide management for eCommerce (e.g. shopping ads, retailers, ticket sales, etc). However, there are a couple of requirements for each ad publisher that do not apply to lead generation accounts:

  • Google – A product feed setup in Google Merchant Center and eCommerce tracking setup in Google Analytics. We do not provide technical support.
  • Facebook – A catalog setup via the Facebook pixel in Catalog Manager. We can provide assistance on a limited number of merchant platforms.
  • Microsoft –  A catalog setup in Microsoft Merchant Center and variable revenue conversion tracking setup. We do not provide technical support.
  • LinkedIn – Due to the high cost-per-thousand (CPM) for impressions, we recommend that our LinkedIn advertisers focus primarily on lead-gen efforts.

We will need at least one week’s notice if you would like to adjust your offerings.

02.03 Management

02.03.01 Shared Deliverables

We include the following services for all SEM and SMM accounts:

  • Budget adjustments – ensuring monthly ad spend aligns with defined budgets
  • Bid adjustments – applying percentage-based bids to targeting segments
  • Bid strategies – layering automated algorithms and manual edits in campaigns
  • Targeting updates – narrowing, segmenting, or expanding campaign reach
  • Competitor research – comparing ad copy across the industry vertical
  • Conversion tracking – properly configuring the conversion actions
  • Remarketing audiences – developing lists of recent and engaged site visitors
  • Ad split-testing – creating and updating 2+ ads in each ad group / set
  • Resolve disapprovals – fixing issues related to ad copy or campaigns
  • Bi-weekly updates – sharing key trends and recent activity (2x per month)

02.03.02 SEM Deliverables

We include the following services in our Google and Microsoft offerings:

  • Keyword research – identifying and implementing new keyword opportunities
  • Negative keywords – identifying and excluding low performing search terms 

02.03.03 SMM Deliverables

We include the following services in our Facebook and LinkedIn offerings:

  • Custom audiences – researching and building highly-nuanced user groups
  • Ad placements – adjusting campaigns to show ads in optimal formats

02.03.04 Optimization Schedule

Our team will be in the account for optimizations on a weekly basis. During the first 30 days of a new campaign, we may optimize the campaign(s) twice a week. Any requests will be implemented on the next scheduled optimization unless we indicate otherwise.

The optimization schedule for our Account Specialists is driven by data. Making changes too frequently in an account (i.e. before a statistically significant amount of new data has accumulated) often leads to mixed results and unclear causation for performance trends. While some types of optimizations (e.g. adding negative keywords or adjusting campaign budgets) are usually applied every time we work in an account, other types (e.g. targeting, bids, ads, etc) are applied less often to allow time for data collection.

Please understand these general expectations for new campaigns:

  • 00-30 days – gathering data and minimizing targeting issues
  • 31-60 days – updating strategy and applying initial optimizations
  • 61-90 days – stabilizing performance and confirming strategy 

We ask that you do not make any changes to the account while it is under our management, and we also reserve the right to manage the strategy on those accounts. Our specialists are committed to ensuring every change is informed and in your best interest, so we are happy to review any suggestions or requests provided via an email ticket.

02.03.05 Requesting New Campaigns

Our management fee covers the optimization of existing campaigns. The creation of one or more additional campaigns is subject to a one-time setup fee. The default fee is $200, but this may be adjusted depending on the scope of the changes requested. Our turnaround time is usually one week from receipt of the required information.

To begin, please submit a ticket and include the following: landing page URL, primary service to target, services / terminology to avoid, and additional monthly budget. We may also require: geotargets, ad schedule, business location, or phone number.

02.04 Reporting

02.04.01 Live Dashboards

For all of our ad publishers, we provide real-time performance dashboards (see sample). Our team will create the dashboard during setup, and we’ll provide you with an iFrame embed code that can be used to install the dashboard on a site page (e.g. You can also access the raw dashboard via an HTML link.

02.04.02 Monthly Meetings

Our specialists will request a meeting with you to discuss your advertiser(s) each month. This will usually happen during the last week of the month to ensure you are prepared for any client meetings at the beginning of the following month. The goal is to explain recent trends / changes, discuss next steps for the following month, and address any concerns or questions from the advertiser.

02.04.03 Activity Updates

During the first and third weeks of every month, our Account Specialists will deliver a written summary of important performance trends and recent optimization activity. These will be delivered separately for each account and will come from We would appreciate and encourage responses, especially about the quality of the leads we are generating for you.

03 Landing Page Service

03.01 Invoicing

03.01.01 Onboarding Invoice

We will assess a one-time fee of $595 to setup a landing page. Additional pages on the same domain will cost $150 each. “Thank-You” pages are not included or necessary but can be provided upon request.

03.01.02 Management Invoice

We charge $50/page/month for hosting in our landing page account.

03.02 Onboarding

03.02.01 Initiating Service

To initiate service, please submit a service request. We will reach out to you with confirmation and next steps.

03.02.02 Required Access

We will need to add a CNAME in the advertiser’s DNS to publish our pages. Please share DNS credentials with us via LastPass so that we can handle the technical details. Alternatively, we can provide you with online tutorials if you would like to do it yourself. We will need to setup a CNAME within 3 business days of the service request.

Once we confirm the CNAME is ready and has received a paid invoice, we will begin building your page(s).

03.02.03 Page Deliverables

We include the following when we setup a landing page:

  • Modification of an industry-specific template:
    • Copy – We can replace / adjust any text
    • Images – We can replace / adjust any image, graphic, or icon
    • Colors – We can adjust the color of any element
    • Access to our enterprise landing page builder subscription
    • Access to over 90,000 custom icons
    • Access to 200M+ professional graphics
  • We will setup lead generation conversion tracking for ad publishers we are managing. We can provide GTM access for advertisers to install additional tracking.
  • We will ensure optimized formatting on both desktop and mobile browsers.
  • Publishing the page using the CNAME that has been setup.

Please note that these landing pages are designed specifically for lead generation. If you would like to use them for an eCommerce advertiser, our page would simply highlight a product and encourage users to click through to another site where they could make the purchase. Users cannot make purchases on our pages.

The page build process may take up to 7 business days after access is completed.

03.02.04 Requested Revisions

We will include up to two rounds of professional revisions on our pages, using this process:

  1. We build the page and provide a link once published.
  2. You review and provide feedback within the scope of our page deliverables.
  3. We apply edits and follow up with confirmation and a list of changes.
  4. You review again and provide any additional feedback.
  5. We apply last edits and finalize the page design on both desktop and mobile.

03.03 Management

03.03.01 Optimization Schedule

The landing page CRO fee includes one optimization per page per month (usually, see below). The following is a list of sample optimizations that might be applied:

  • Copy – aligning headlines and body text with best data from paid campaigns
  • Offer wording – testing occasional updates to offers (if you change deliverables)
  • Call to action – comparing the effect of various colors, fonts, and wording
  • Images – replacing various backgrounds or graphics with curated content
  • Testimonials – swapping out different kinds of feedback from customer base
  • Requests – various copy or image tweaks you may suggest

The updates will be applied as page variants. As users visit the page, we will serve alternate page versions through the same URL. We will introduce a new page variant and pause the lower performing variant of the previous test each month, or whenever there is enough data to identify a winner.

03.03.02 Activity Updates

After the monthly optimization, we will provide a written summary of the performance generated by each of the two existing page variants as well as an explanation of the changes implemented each time we update the page variant A/B test.

03.03.03 Adding New Pages

If you would like to add more pages, please submit a new service request.

03.03.04 Discontinuing Management

Upon submission of a cancellation form, a downloaded version of the page(s) can be provided at a cost of $100 per page. If an invoice is overdue, we will discontinue CRO updates, and we may unpublish the page at any time.