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How Harbinger Marketing Increased MRR by 660%


Harbinger Marketing was outsourcing its PPC to another vendor that was delivering poor quality, communication, and results. After switching to oxbird and developing a deep trust in the partnership, they were able to increase their PPC revenue by 660%. 

Meet Harbinger

Harbinger Marketing is an outsourced marketing agency that offers & specializes in custom websites, photo/video, graphic design, digital ads, and more.  My role as the Digital Marketing Manager is to facilitate and oversee the completion of all digital marketing services for our clients, ensuring that their goals are being met & exceeded with the performance we generate.

Meet David Harbin

David Harbin received his Bachelor of Science from Point University. Harbinger Marketing was founded to deliver incredible results to clients by setting a vision and forming a talented team to achieve the goals. David’s typical day is ever-changing depending on the needs of the business. He is skilled at casting a vision, understanding clients’ passions and pains, and empowering the team to meet the clients’ needs and drive a strong return for their investment. The most inspiring part of his job is getting to see his team and clients thrive and grow.

Why white-label and why oxbird?

Q. What convinced you to try white-label PPC?

The very first opportunity that we had to sell PPC we immediately white-labeled it because our agency was not the size where we could afford to hire anyone in-house so white label had always been the solution for us. Whenever we outsource something, there are always risks, but it comes down to trust in the character of the people you are partnering with and we have learned to trust oxbird. 


Q. What criteria were you using to evaluate PPC providers and what were a few of the reasons you decided to partner with us?

They needed to be domestic, trustworthy, reachable, and have quality case studies, all of which oxbird was able to meet.

Identify the Problem

Q. What was your agency’s process for PPC prior to using our services? Were there any costs, challenges, or pain points associated with that process?

Yes, we previously used another outsourced agency for this process. It was cheaper but we got what we paid for. The quality was poor, the communication was poor, and the results for our clients were poor. oxbird fixed that.

Q. Has oxbird helped you to reduce or mitigate any business/ operational risks?

Yes, when you grow a business and you have to hire internally, there is a risk associated with that. In our relationship with oxbird, we only paid AFTER we had brought in a client, thus mitigating risk.

Understand Our Services

Q. How would you describe the responsibilities within our partnership? What do you do and what do we do? 

From my end, I ensure that your team has what they need to accurately and confidently manage ads for our clients.  From oxbird’s end, your team takes the information that we provide and manages our client’s ad campaigns.  As we provide further feedback during the life of the account, Oxbird optimizes and improves all aspects of the campaigns to ensure that our client’s marketing dollars are being spent efficiently, driving consistent and relevant results.

Pivot Onboarding Checklist
Pivot, our partner application

Q. Have you used anything like Pivot for PPC before? What value do you think our software contributes?

We have not.  It helped keep things organized on the ads side of things.  It’s easy to let things get lost and disorganized as you are trying to scale, so Pivot alleviated this pain point by keeping everything clearly stored under one roof for us to refer to.

See the Results

Q. What is the biggest win you’ve enjoyed from partnering with oxbird?

Our MRR has increased by 660%. I would say we grew up with oxbird and scaled with oxbird. If we had tried to scale as quickly as we had using someone in-house, there would be times when we would not have been profitable.  Without oxbird’s help, we would not have been able to scale quickly.

Q. What was the most obvious advantage you felt our services offered during the sales process? Did you discover any more after starting to work with us?

A great advantage was the ease of scalability and a diverse multi-disciplinary team that I did not have to pay for because I only had to pay for what I needed and what I had already sold. Afterward, I learned that the sales support would be able to forecast a vision for the value these services could provide to our potential partners before they even signed with us.

Q. What is your favorite feature or part of our services? Why? Which ones do you use the most often?

Sales support.  Sales support has been very valuable to us during our sales assessment process.  We use the projections from the Oxbird team to forecast the potential results that our prospects could achieve when partnering with us.

Q. Have our services improved you or your employees’ experience at work? E.g., morale, enjoyment, peace of mind, less focus on tedious things, etc.

Having oxbird manage our ads has given us great peace of mind knowing that we have a team full of professionals behind the scenes constantly optimizing our client’s accounts and catching the small things so that we can focus on the bigger picture.

Q. Have you been able to observe any gains in your agency’s productivity or efficiency since beginning to use our services? 

Absolutely.  Instead of spending hours creating a client’s ad account from scratch, creating the ads, setting up conversion tracking, etc., my team is able to hand the project off to the Oxbird team to execute and then continue on with their other responsibilities.

Discover Why Harbinger Stayed

Q. What encouraged you to stick around this long, and what do you think will contribute to a successful long-term partnership?

Quick communication, scalable solutions, and good results for our clients. For the long term, better profitability for legacy clients and scalable pricing models that don’t incentivize us to hire internally. 


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