What to Expect When
You're White-Labeling

Have you ever picked up the Kroger brand ketchup? Maybe a mustard from Walmart's brand Great Value? As a customer you just see the retailer's brand on the shelf; however, they're actually reselling another company's product. The producer sells more, the retailer captures market share, and the customer saves money. You can white-label your digital advertising too!

Over 48% of online marketing businesses are outsourcing their PPC services.
59% of companies who outsource a service do so to cut or control costs.
SEM and SEO are the two services digital agencies most often outsource.
The average salary for a PPC specialist in the United States is $50,916 per year.

When to Get a White-Label Partner

We’ve learned from hundreds of agency partnerships that agency owners tend to look for a white-label solution for these reasons: 1) lower their overhead costs, 2) increase their client base, and/or 3) improve their focus and service quality. That’s not to say they don’t have resources, clients, or experience; however, it does mean that a part-time commitment to PPC is better than full-time. Additionally, most owners choose a partner based on account performance and communication.

Benefits of White-Label Services

Imagine what it would be like to outsource PPC, where you are free to focus on the services where you specialize. Think about doing what you do best, and then having easy access to a suite of cross-sell options to increase your bottom line. That’s why we’re here! We provide all the fixin’s so you can ensure a 360° digital advertising makeover for your clients. This comprehensive approach helps you establish brand authority and increase retention with a very low barrier to entry.

What We Offer in Our Services

Our US-based team is well-versed in helping you transfer access so your client’s new campaigns and digital assets will be ready within two weeks. We also setup precise conversion tracking to ensure maximum attribution. We’ll meet with you to review the campaigns and explain the live dashboard so you’re ready for any client meetings. Our specialists then aim to deliver top results within 90 days via data-driven optimizations that involve every aspect of your client’s campaigns.

What We Expect from Our Partners

In two words, it is acquisition and communication. We expect our partners to manage the process of finding prospects, setting proper expectations, and closing deals. The longevity of your recurring revenue from these arrangements is critically dependent on making sure your client knows what to expect. We also ask our partners to carefully tend to their client relationships by responding to their emails, meeting with them, and explaining the results and data we provide.

How We Help You Achieve Goals

We help you overcome client challenges. To help with acquisition, our team can provide budget recommendations, market analyses, and account audits. We’re just a phone call or email away. We also provide an Agency Partner Service Level Agreement to frame expectations for your client. To help with communication, we provide an intuitive live dashboard, bi-weekly written activity updates, monthly strategy meetings, and regular email support. Our team prioritizes your success.

"I have been working with the team at oxbird for almost 2 years now... they have become an integral part of my business and a critical component to delivering maximum ROI for my clients. They are my most trusted strategic partner."

Thomas F., President

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