Agency Partner SLA

1 Communication

1.1 Pivot Forms

We provide forms for routine requests (e.g., starting and stopping service). All requests that impact your invoices or your client’s ad spend must be documented via a form.

1.2 Twist Chat

Twist is a chat app that focuses on organized threads. We use Twist instead of email to streamline communication with our partners. You will retain access to all of your Twist data even after you suspend service; history for suspended clients can be found under Archived channels. 

1.3 Zoom Meetings

All meetings are hosted on Zoom, and each member of our team also has a direct phone number that you can find in their Twist profile. Business hours are 9am-6pm ET.

1.4 Email Addresses

We have three addresses, though our communication via email is minimal:

  • – partner prospects who have not applied
  • – limited technical support (e.g., forwarding emails to us)
  • – automatic notifications about invoices and payments

1.5 Third-Party Apps

Our team does not log into or integrate with third-party apps (e.g., your agency’s internal project management and chat apps). However, you may link your Twist account to your app and configure whatever options are available to you there.

1.6 Response Times

We aim to provide response times within one business day, though we will triage requests during periods of high activity (e.g., the first week of each month).

2 Invoicing

2.1 Invoice Terms

All invoices are due on receipt, and we invoice and charge before completing work. Our management invoices are set up on auto-pay to ensure uninterrupted service.

2.2 Payment Methods

You may pay our invoices via bank transfer or credit card. Credit card transactions incur a 3% transaction fee, but there is no additional fee for payment by bank transfer.

We will only save one default payment method on file for all your invoices, and we will collect it via a secure authorization form after you submit your first Service Request. You must use a payment method associated with your agency in order to access our white-label prices; you cannot provide the client’s payment method for their invoices. If you wish to change your payment method for your invoices, please contact us.

2.3 Direct Clients

If you want your client to pay our fees directly, then you can refer them to us and collect a referral commission. We would manage the PPC service(s) with them directly and involve you in strategic marketing communication if they are agreeable.

2.4 Ad Spend

We do not invoice for ad spend or use our billing information in the client’s ad account. In addition, we will not accept or handle client payment method information. Instead, we provide you and your client with full administrative rights to their ad account(s) so that you can work with them to ensure a proper payment method is saved and ready.

2.5 Monthly Budget

You are required to provide a maximum monthly budget for each service you request, and you can update it at any time via a form. We assume that the monthly budgets reset on the 1st of every month, and we adjust the campaign budgets accordingly.

2.6 Failed Payments

If a payment fails for any reason, we will immediately retry the transaction and notify you via We will also start a Twist thread to discuss a resolution.

If we are unable to resolve the issue after the second attempt, we will suspend the affected service(s). You can resume service as soon as we receive payment.

2.7 Credits & Refunds

Our standard resolution for disputes is a credit note, and refunds are only available upon request. For onboarding and management fees, you may request a credit if you submit a Suspend Service form within 5 business days of the relevant invoice date.

3 Onboarding

3.1 Service Definition

We define a service as one ad account and one web domain. If multiple ad accounts and/or web domains are involved with a single client, then we will need to adjust the pricing accordingly. Please contact us before submitting a Service Request.

3.2 Service Request

Please submit a Service Request form to initiate a service; the more detail you provide on the form, the faster your service will launch and the better the campaigns will be. We will post a list of next steps in Twist after we receive your Service Request submission.

3.3 Onboarding Invoice

Our onboarding fee covers our time in billing, access, and setup. We will invoice and charge for onboarding the same or next day after we receive your Service Request. If you do not have a payment method on file, we will request it via a secure link.

We can apply an “onboarding discount” to your first management invoice if you note on the Service Request form that you have been managing the client’s ad account already. We reserve the right to refuse the discount if we cannot attribute meaningful activity.

3.4 Launch Time

We aim to finish onboarding and start management 10 business days after we receive your Service Request (excluding our holidays: New Year’s, Memorial, Independence, Labor, Thanksgiving Th/F, and Christmas). However, this deadline is contingent on your prompt provision of all access and approvals within one business day of our requests. Please ensure you have all required access ready before you submit a Service Request, and then be ready to reply quickly to questions about approval from our team members.

Once we receive access, it usually takes 5 business days for our team to set up the account. Delays typically arise from missing access beforehand, or ad approvals after.

3.5 Kick-Off Call

You’ll receive an automatic notification in Twist when it’s time to schedule your Kick-Off Call to discuss your client and their goals, determine the campaign strategy, and confirm the conversion actions that we will all use to evaluate the success of the campaigns.

Please schedule the Kick-Off Call ASAP to avoid delays onboarding your client’s service.

3.6 Shared Acess

Before we build new campaigns, we will need to confirm the following with you:

  • Payment method on file for our invoices
  • Payment of our onboarding invoice
  • Access to the ad account
  • Payment method for ad spend in the ad account
  • Access to a Google Analytics property
  • Installation of a Google Tag Manager container on the website
  • Access to the Google Tag Manager container
  • Uploaded creative content for use in ads, if necessary
  • Developed website that is ready for paid traffic

We can help create accounts for Google Analytics and Tag Manager, if necessary.

We use a few non-branded, generic email addresses to access client assets:

  • (Google)
  • (Microsoft)

Our deliverables do not include set up for third-party lead tracking systems (e.g., Salesforce, Hubspot, etc.), though we do track conversion events and goals in Google Analytics and the ad publisher(s) that we are managing for the client.

We will share a folder where you can organize and upload creative media, if desired.

3.7 Build Process

You can monitor progress during onboarding via the Tasks tab on the service.

If you need to adjust the original objectives, please submit your new requirements via the Change Request form. Any requests received after our build process has started may cause delays and / or incur additional fees if additional time is required.

3.8 Existing Campaigns

By default, we build new campaigns when a Service Request is submitted. If our team is confident the old campaigns can be reused, we will make any necessary changes.

We will take responsibility for campaigns in the ad account when we finish onboarding and enter management. If you would like us to manage the existing campaigns during onboarding, please submit a request to process your management fee.

3.9 Launch Approval

We will share ad previews in Twist and can provide two rounds of requested edits before requesting a finalized version. Please reply quickly to avoid launch delays.

3.10 Ad Disapprovals

If an ad publisher disapproves an ad or disables an ad account, we will work through the steps below until we reach a resolution or determine the issue originates somewhere outside the ad account and our control (e.g., the client’s website).

  1. Manually review the ads and look for any accidental errors.
  2. Edit and update the ads to eliminate common issues.
  3. Contact the ad publisher’s support team to obtain an explanation for the disapproval and to obtain their recommendation regarding the next steps.
  4. Implement any relevant changes or edits in the ad account.

If we determine that the cause of the disapproval is due to content on the client’s website or is otherwise beyond the ad account, we will provide you with contact information for the ad publisher’s support team along with any required authorization information so that you can continue the investigation. We recommend that you suspend service at this point to avoid accruing additional management fees.

3.11 eCommerce Accounts

While most of our accounts focus on lead generation, we do provide management for eCommerce (e.g., shopping ads, retailers, ticket sales, etc.). However, there are a few requirements for each ad publisher that do not apply to lead generation accounts:

  • Google – A product feed setup in Google Merchant Center and eCommerce tracking setup in Google Analytics. We do not provide technical support.
  • Facebook – A catalog setup via the Facebook pixel in Catalog Manager. We can provide assistance on a limited number of merchant platforms.
  • Microsoft – A catalog setup in Microsoft Merchant Center and variable revenue conversion tracking setup. We do not provide technical support.
  • LinkedIn – Due to the high cost-per-thousand (CPM) for impressions, we recommend that our LinkedIn clients focus primarily on lead generation efforts.

We will need at least one week’s notice if the client would like to adjust their offerings; this is especially important for sales and promotions (e.g., Black Friday, etc.).

In general, we often find that eCommerce clients lack the online and creative assets (e.g., media, reviews, testimonials, websites, etc.) necessary to succeed. Overall, we recommend that partners focus primarily on obtaining lead generation clients; it may even be worth referring eCommerce clients to an agency focused to their workflows.

4 Management

4.1 Start Date

A management cycle typically begins on the date of the related invoice, though it may be postponed if no work is being done. We will suspend if payments are not made on time.

4.2 Management Invoice

We will deliver your first management invoice 10 business days after you request service, and it will occur automatically on the same day each month until you suspend service. The amount of the management invoice is dependent on the client’s ad spend budget.

If the campaign launch is delayed, we can postpone the second management invoice by request (to compensate for any time missed on the first management cycle).

4.3 Optimizations

Our standard optimizations occur weekly. We may optimize more than once a week if we determine that it is both beneficial to performance and merited by spend or history. Any change requests will typically be implemented on the next scheduled optimization day.

The frequency of our changes in the ad account is driven by data. Making changes too frequently in an account (i.e., before a statistically significant amount of new data has accumulated) often leads to mixed results and unclear causation for performance trends. As a result, some types of optimizations (e.g., targeting, bids, ads, etc.) are applied less frequently to allow time for data collection. Our specialists make these determinations.

Please ensure your clients understand these general expectations for new campaigns:

  • 00-30 days – gathering data and minimizing targeting issues
  • 31-60 days – updating strategy and applying initial optimizations
  • 61-90 days – stabilizing performance and confirming strategy

Because we are responsible for the campaigns while we are managing the account, we ask that neither you nor your client make changes until after our service is suspended. If you choose to make changes, we will not take responsibility for unintended results. We prefer that you submit a Change Request so that our team can implement the request.

4.4 Change Request

Please submit a Change Request to create, update, or pause any of the following:

  • Ad content – ad copy, headlines, images, videos, creative, etc.
  • Ad extension – buttons and hyperlinks on ads
  • Audience – retargeting, lookalike, customer list, etc.
  • Budget – monthly budget for the whole ad account
  • Campaign – promote an offer, service, event, deal, etc.
  • Client name – use their new business name everywhere
  • Dashboard – Google Data Studio live dashboard
  • Keywords – targeting for Google Ads or Microsoft Ads
  • Landing page – the website destination after clicking an ad
  • Targeting – demographics, geotargets, ad schedule, etc.
  • Tracking – conversions, analytics, pixels, tags, events, etc.

Our service is provided on a month-to-month basis, so if your client’s budget fluctuates from one month to the next, please submit a Change Budget form each month.

In addition, our onboarding fee covers the cost of accessing and tracking the website plus creating new campaigns while our management fee covers the optimization of existing campaigns. If you request services that are typically covered in our onboarding fee (e.g., running ads to a new website domain or creating new campaigns), then we may assess a one-time setup fee, depending on the extent of the changes you request.

4.5 Suspend Request

You must submit a Suspend Service form to stop our automatic invoicing for a service.

This form will include critical information like the date you wish to suspend service and confirm follow up actions (e.g., whether the campaigns should be paused).

We will notify you in writing the same day if we notice a disruption (e.g., ad disapprovals, exhausted budget, etc.), but our management will continue until you suspend.

We do not require contracts, so either party may choose to suspend service at any time.

4.6 Resume Request

Please submit a Resume Service form to restart a previously canceled service. We may assess a reduced onboarding fee if we need to build new campaigns or adjust tracking. These kinds of changes typically require at least a week of lead time for our team to implement. If we can reuse our existing campaigns with no additional changes, then we can start the same or next day and will only invoice and charge you for management.

5 Reporting

5.1 Live Dashboard

We provide real-time performance dashboards for each of our ad publishers (see sample dashboard). Our team will create the dashboard during setup (or add a new page if we are adding a new service for an existing client), and we can provide you with an iFrame embed code to install the dashboard on a site subpage (e.g.,, if requested. You can also access the raw dashboard via an HTML link.

We will suspend the live dashboard page(s) when the related service is suspended.

5.2 Strategy Meetings

Our management fee includes a monthly Strategy Meeting for each service we manage. You can combine multiple services managed by a single specialist in one meeting, and you can choose which week of the month you would like to meet by updating the service in Pivot. The purpose of the meetings is to explain recent trends/changes, discuss the next steps for the upcoming period, and address any client concerns or questions. Your account specialist will provide you with a written recap in Twist after the meeting.

5.3 Strategy Reports

Our management fee also includes a monthly written Strategy Report for each service we manage. You can choose which week of the month you would like to receive it by updating the service in Pivot, but you cannot select the same week as the Strategy Meeting. These are intended to summarize important performance trends and recent optimization activity, and they will be delivered separately in Twist for each service.

We encourage partners to share these updates with their clients and then to inform our team of any responses from the client, especially feedback about our lead quality.

6 Partnership

6.1 Sales Support

We understand the challenge of recommending a strategy for a prospect when you’re outsourcing the fulfillment, and, upon request, we are able to provide complimentary basic analyses and audits or more comprehensive support for a fee. Please submit a Sales Support request for an Account Audit or Market Analysis when you have a need. We will usually be able to return the requested support within 2-4 business days.

6.2 Partner Check-In

Our Growth Manager will reach out to you during each quarter to ensure alignment and satisfaction. We look forward to hearing your feedback and updating you on our latest features and processes. Please start a thread in Twist to discuss your clients or services.

6.3 Service Level Agreement

We reserve the right to update or modify these terms as we deem fit, and we will note significant updates in our newsletters. The purpose of this agreement is to inform our partners of the requirements and best practices for utilizing the services we provide. By renewing your services, you agree to comply with the terms in this agreement.

6.4 Professional Services

We are committed to providing you with a turnkey, white-label marketing experience, so we typically limit our services to the scope outlined in this Agreement. If you have additional needs, though, we may be able to fulfill those requests for $150/hr (with a 30-minute minimum and increment). However, this will be subject to the availability and interest of our team members. We are not able to guarantee fulfillment or results.

Once you provide all the details necessary to evaluate the extended service, we will follow up with an assessment of our interest and a non-binding estimate of the hours needed to fulfill the service request. Upon completion of the project, we will issue an invoice for the hours worked and charge your default payment method accordingly.

6.5 Referral Commission

If you would like to refer a partner to us, then we will provide a $1,000 credit once they pay their first invoice.