Truck Financing

The client had spent $17.4k and a year trying to generate leads with another agency. They knew it worked, but they needed to improve their CPL.

Our Analysis

We could tell from the account audit that there were a number of opportunities to improve results. The month before we took over, the client had spent nearly $1,700 for just three leads. We found that the previous account manager had wasted a lot of ad spend by running ineffective display campaigns, targeting expensive competitor keywords, including low-intent keywords unrelated to financing, and collecting less than 100 negative keywords over the course of an entire year of optimizations. Furthermore, the ad copy was an older format with less space for text that unnecessarily constrained the amount of text visible to users.

Unfortunately, the previous manager would not give the account back to the client and merely let us look inside with read-only access to gather data. Our client appreciated the fact that we were going to set up an account that they would own, even if they chose to move on after working with us for a period of time. We were very excited to start work together, and we expected to make some major changes.

Our Strategy

Starting with a year of search data is always helpful when we build new campaigns. We referenced all of the old information and knew that the campaigns we built would work because we had very similar data sets to compare them up against in the old account.

While we expected the new campaigns to outperform the old ones, we were surprised at how quickly they took off. During the first month after enabling the campaigns and discontinuing the old account, we generated 33 conversions with a $81 CPL. Our agency partner and this client were both very excited. Compared to the previous month, we had boosted the lead volume by 1,000% and substantially decreased the CPL.

The Outcome

Once the truck financing company saw this huge increase in ROAS, they were eager to increase their budget by 40% so that we could open the campaigns up wider. They also communicated an intent to continue increasing their budget in subsequent months as their margins continued to grow.

Sometimes, there are a large number of variables that create the perfect storm in an account. In this case, the number of variables was pretty limited and the strategy was simple, but the results were spot on. This client was excited to continue working with our partner agency, and we were all excited to see how the new campaigns improved results.


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