Tree Service

This client had just gotten a new website from our partner agency. They wanted leads for tree removal/trimming, stumps, and aboriculture.

The Challenge

They had been running campaigns on Google Ads for about a year when they asked our agency partner to take over their marketing efforts. Looking back at historical data, we saw that they had spend about $21k for 124 conversions with a ~$150 CPL. The client was understandably unhappy with the results. They wanted us to substantially increase the volume of leads while also helping them get the CPL down to about $30.

Our Analysis

Our SEM team loves data, so they were super pumped to dig into all the historical data in this client’s account. They sifted through all the data and spent some time researching new keywords that could open up opportunities the client hadn’t even touched in the past. Key components of the build process included: a brand new campaign with high-quality keywords, a thorough negative keyword list, granular geotargeting, data-driven bid optimizations, and ad copy that both highlighted the company’s primary services and aligned with the overall persona and messaging they hoped to convey to future customers. We were ready.

Our Strategy

After enabling the new campaigns and pausing the old ones, we were able to achieve a steady CPL of $48 within the first couple months. That was already a significant improvement over the original $150. However, it wasn’t within the target range so we knew that there was more work to do. More importantly, we had finally gathered enough data in our own campaigns that we could start to crank down on the new data rather than basing our optimizations on historical trends in the account.

We decided to build another search campaign with our recent findings, and we also tested a new set of ads. After several more weeks of our standard optimizations, we were able to triple the number of leads we generated, while also pulling the CPL down even further–to just $31. The following month continued those positive trends, and we netted an incredible $15 CPL!

The Outcome

After we had managed this client’s account for just a few months, they were already receiving so much new business that they were able to reinvest additional revenue into their digital marketing efforts. This was a timely decision because they were entering the cold, slow season and needed to more business.

The owner of the company provided some high praise for our efforts, specifically mentioning how refreshing it was to find an agency that would help them take a unique approach rather than following in the footsteps of other cookie-cutter solutions. He also expressed gratitude for our sensitivity to his goals and appreciated how precisely we had moved in the right direction at the right time to increase his leads and sales.

The Challenge

Month 6 took a turn for the worse as they went through down-time in the off season, but it didn’t take long for us to employ the new mulch strategy mentioned above to push sales as the weather warmed up. This additional opportunity and the continued tree campaign performance helped them grow through month 9.


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