Spa Clinic

2900% ROI
They wanted to experiment with Google Ads for lead generation. Their avg. customer LTV was $8,000, and they had an avg. closing rate of 15-25%. We helped them calculate a target CPL of $400.

Account Build

Client with no historical data or experience with PPC are usually among the hardest to launch. However, our SEM team was able to construct a solid campaign based on their experience with similar clients.

Specifically, they collected keyword-level data from past campaigns in this vertical to identify the highest-quality keywords. They also mined records of search terms to outline a list of negative keywords that would help to prevent common sources of wasted spend.

After that, the organized the campaign-specific keywords around locations, services, and hours, as well as crafting copy that highlighted unique selling points for this practice.

The ad copy process was actually pretty fun on this account! The client had organized a fantastic client-experience with spa essentials and had done a thorough job documenting results from their clients. Both of these areas turned out to be excellent selling points that gave us confidence we’d win quick leads.

Launch & Optimization

We found that our data from past clients really paid off for this practice. We were able to achieve almost immediate results that allowed us to quickly enter a phase of more serious optimizations. Along the way, we consistently increased the conversion count while reducing the CPL.

In fact, these numbers don’t even do the results complete justice. They aren’t precise because at the time we delivered these services, Google Ads did not provide a way for call conversions from location extensions to count in the Conversions metric in the account. Instead, they could only show up in the less reliable All conv. metric. However, approximately 40% of the leads we generated for this client were phone calls from paid traffic utilizing their location extension.

This meant we needed another way to report the data to the client. We chose to provide a detailed call log of every phone call the client received from Google Ads so that they could monitor call volume and accurately understand the ROAS our campaigns generated for their practice. They were very pleased with this solution.

Initial Results

During the first month, we were able to generate 74 leads with a CPL of $17.94, which was well below their initial target CPL of $400! That’s a 3420% ROI in one month. The client was so excited about these results that they asked us to help them explore other PPC ad publishers. One of our Facebook specialists quickly met with them and helped to develop a paid social strategy to complement the work we were already doing on paid search. The client started campaigns on Facebook Ads the following month and received some killer results there as well.

We’ve found that clients who succeed on one platform often want to diversify and reach additional users through the other ad publishers we manage. This is always an exciting and natural progression from good to great, and we’re always thrilled when we have the opportunity to provide those results.


13 months later, we were still providing consistent wins. It’s a dream come true!


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