Real Estate

This client wanted to acquire home buyer, renter, or seller leads in their city.

The Challenge

Since we were working with a brand-new business page and ad account, our goal was to figure out a winning strategy for their Facebook Ads.

Our Analysis

With a blank slate, there was very little from the advertiser that we could review, so we had almost complete license to work with best practices. In our experience, Facebook seemed to do a good job of generating leads for real estate clients, but the quality was often lacking. Nonetheless, we wanted to give it another shot for this advertiser.

We knew that we could run a conversion objective campaign and push the people to a landing page that would help to weed out the low-quality individuals. However, we wanted to try something fresh since this client was starting from scratch, so we decided to use the messenger objective for chatbots. We had created a few chatbots in the past and seen crazy levels of success with them, so we were ready to give it another shot.

The Strategy

We built the chatbot using Manchat and a JSON integration, which is how the chatbot “form” connects to the ad. We also tried using a link people could click within the ad instead of using the “send message” option. This allowed us to hit two different types of people. Only the ad had a video, and we thought that was the best option for Facebook Ads.

Our hook was a free list of homes in your desired region. People could get the list by submitting their info with the chatbot. Since lead quality was a priority, we decided to ask the qualification questions before asking for contact info just to avoid wasting their time if they weren’t qualified. That also ensured that all the contact info we collected for the client was properly qualified. Just to be sure, we also included a few more questions to really weed out the low quality.

Initial Results

Testing played a very large role for this case. Since we were working with a new lead magnet and a new platform integration, there were a number of pitfalls with glitches and issues on Facebook for us to avoid. We ended up trying a number of different chatbot flows before deciding on one that seemed more personal and effective. The biggest roadblock with the chatbots is getting people to subscribe, so that meant our ads had to have a good hook. It took a while to get it dialed in for this client, but we knew from past experience that the lead flow is strong once you get it right.

Final Outcome

We planned to go with a pretty broad audience, so we needed an ad that would cut through the fluff and reel in the right prospects. The qualifying questions in the chatbot also helped us to weed out the lower quality people. The biggest downside to the qualification process is the reduction in lead volume, but we knew that wouldn’t be too big of a problem unless you’re dealing with a huge real estate firm that wants every lead available.

On our end, this was the first time we had deployed a real estate chatbot, so we faced quite a learning curve. It always gets easier with time, though. Within the first six days, we were even able to acquire 59 leads from just the chatbot. With that list, eight were qualified and filled out the exact type of information we were trying to collect for our client.


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