Medical Spa

This small business wanted to generate leads for Botox, Skin Rejuvenation, Laser Hair Removal, and CoolSculpting at a lower CPL.

Game Plan

They had run some campaigns in the past, but their cost per lead (CPL) was too high, averaging around $45-$50. They wanted us to generate leads for about $30.

Our goal was to take the CPL they already had and then work it down every month to get it more in line with their target. We created unique ad sets for each of the different services so that we could determine which offering(s) would produce the best CPL.

We also focused on their offer. It was very generic, just focusing on scheduling a free consultation. They unfortunately did not have any branded images or videos, so decided to create two videos for them using We made sure to include a stronger call to action, review the offering, and highlight some upsells. Each video was under 30 seconds.

The campaigns we built were optimized for completed registrations / booked appointments. Since we were starting with fresh ads and videos, we also needed to build up some social proof. We took the existing post IDs and ran the same ads in a video view and engagement campaign. This ensured maximum local reach with different objectives using the same audiences.

The final piece of the puzzle was creating custom audiences and sequential retargeting based on video view percentages. We placed them in 7-, 14-, and 30-day groups to build up testimonials and reviews for the business, which in turn helped to build their brand credibility.

Our Results

Overall, we were able to maintain their monthly spend of $500 while also bringing the CPL down from $45+ to $27. We kept the CPL under $30 for over 6 months. We were also able to let the ads run longer than normal because we applied exclusions so that we could keep showing the ads to new people. After three months, we finally changed out the video. So far, we’ve been running video ads only, and we’ve only need three variations of the content. You can see the before and after performance below:


Ad spend

0 Leads

Client registrations

0 % Drop

In cost per lead

Campaign Management

Feel free to reach out anytime. Our team is ready to help.

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