Law Firm

The firm ran their own campaigns for a year with few results: 8 leads with a $440 CPL. They asked for increased leads with a lower CPL.

Account Build

This client specialized in bankruptcy law. We have extensive experience with legal clients in several verticals, and this is one of them. As we built our campaigns, we took advantage of historical data in other accounts we’ve managed as well as the data this client had already gathered in their first year advertising on Google Ads.

We selected a strong list of initial keywords and more than 1,300 negative keywords (many were industry-specific) to guard their ad spend. We also improved the ad copy by upgrading to the most recent version of text ads, which allowed us to include a third headline and second description–120 new characters! This extra space allowed us to focus more attention on the firm’s track record and unique selling points.

Launch & Optimization

In just our first week managing the account, the CPL decreased by about 45% to $240. After another week of optimizations, we were able to meet the target CPL goal of $225 by achieving a $117 CPL. This was an especially good CPL in light of the fact that the average CPC was $18; it meant our conversion rate was boosted from about 6% to over 12%.

As the chart above illustrates, we were also able to simultaneously increase the number of leads that this law firm received during the first few months. In comparison to the 30-day period before we assumed responsibility for the account, the client’s lead volume increased by 188%.

The Outcome

Our mission is to provide clients the opportunity to grow their business with peace of mind. The first step is to make sure that our clients are happy with the return on their digital ad spend (ROAS). For this client, the results were phenomenal.

They were very pleased with the improvements to lead volume, lead quality, and CPL. They chose to stay with us for quite a long time after this initial start, and we worked with them through all sorts of challenges along the way–including difficult ad disapprovals when Google restricted debt terminology. We have been grateful for their business and partnership, and we’re excited about how they were able to grow.


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