Interior Design

This individual wanted to acquire as many leads as possible in local campaigns within San Diego. They also wanted to improve their CPL.

Game Plan

They had run ads in the past with a cost per lead (CPL) in the $50-60 range, but it wasn’t in ads manager, the lead quality was low, and the CPL was unsustainable.

This client had a TON of great content but wasn’t using it properly. After our initial discovery call, we decided to run ads within a 25-mile radius of San Diego. We also built an extremely targeted local campaign for prospects walking near the physical location.

We chose to focus on a video of the designer showcasing some amazing “before and after” perspectives on her projects to affirm her credibility. Her 30-minute consultation was the main offer tied to the video. We also tested three types of copy and two images, which let us start with six ad variants.

We took the post IDs from those pieces of creative and ran them in engagement ads within the extremely targeted local campaign that focused on walkers close to the physical location. This enabled us to generate more social proof on these ads and create a buyer perception that the client was the real deal.

The budget was the biggest obstacle for this account. We had roughly $300-$400 to spend monthly, so we had to be sure not to spread ourselves too thin. The most important test in this process was the creative. We only tested eight audiences, including: married women, women into interior design, and income-based segments in the wealthier areas within San Diego.

Month 1, Campaign Launch

Once we finalized the details, we launched the two campaigns: one focusing on engagement to generate social proof on the ads, and one focused on conversions to optimize for the desired leads. Below you can see some of our top performing audiences for the local level.

Months 2-3+, Success

Over the first two months, we were able to bring in 37 consultations at a cost per consultation of $12.36. Across all the campaigns, it came out at about $20. Based on the average order value of these remodels, we estimated a return on ad spend (ROAS) of over 4x during the initial two months. We believe the creative also played a large role by helping us to generate excellent click through rates (CTRs) and cost per clicks (CPCs) in our campaigns.


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Campaign Management

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