Furniture Retailer

They had run 5 campaigns for a year, but with few results: the last month only generated 2 leads for $832/ea. They needed an improved CPL.

Account Build

When we initially audited the account, we quickly noticed that the company was wasting a lot of spend on people searching for clothing fabrics (since the client’s brand name included the word Fabrics). Most of these search terms were not specific enough to target users who were searching for upholstery, e.g. designer fabrics, and the tougher types of fabric our client was selling for furniture. This was challenge was compounded by the fact that across all the campaigns in the account, only 15 negative keywords had been applied to protect spend.

As we began our build process, we had several priorities. First, we wanted to build out a list of long-tail keywords that better qualified the intent of the users. Second, we wanted to improve the negative keyword situation by applying a lengthy list of industry-specific negatives. It was fairly easy to accomplish these goals because our agency partner had already developed some impressive content for the client’s website, so that helped us to pinpoint the kind of terminology that would resonate with the client’s target audience.

After running some volume estimates and making comparisons to their monthly budget, we decided on a list of 38 keywords that we believed would drive a sufficient level of qualified traffic to the client’s website. In addition, we gathered several hundred negative keywords to protect the spend. Lastly, we overhauled the ad copy to shine the spotlight on the client’s strong track record and years in the industry.

Launch & Optimization

Over the first couple months after launching our campaigns, we saw a marked decrease in CPL and a corresponding increase in lead volume. These trends continued in the months afterward, and we quickly improved performance. Within three months, the client was getting 70 conversions with a $23 CPL–compared to the previous 2 conversions and $832 CPL before oxbird assumed responsibility.

Outcome: Needless to say, both the client and the agency were super pumped to see such a high volume of qualified leads rolling in at a steady and affordable rate. In fact, our campaigns were so successful that our agency partner decided to put together their own case study to detail how their client’s “phone started ringing a LOT more” and how “they’re getting more and more business all the time.”

We are excited to work alongside both our direct clients and white-label partners. It is a tremendous privilege to work alongside quality partners producing excellent work for mutual clients.


A year later, the CPL had barely budged. Their business was growing quite rapidly!


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