Dental Practice

The main goal was to get high-end prospects, for their “new teeth in a day” procedure which is a $15k+ service. The target CPL was $15.

Game Plan

For this dental practice, we were working with a video production agency who created very good videos. Since this was a new client for them, we recommended video as the best way to acquire leads in a cost-effective manner. Better yet, they produced multiple videos for top-, middle-, and bottom-of-funnel for us to use.

With these videos, we wanted the ads to get a good amount of social proof. Our strategy to get that social proof was to run strictly conversion campaigns for leads, and then also add engagement and video view campaigns for the comments, likes and shares. We knew those engagement metrics would ultimately boost the organic reach on a local level.

Along with the 2 videos we were using for each campaign, we also tested 2 variations of copy. That allowed us to A/B test 4 variations of ads.

We had to be careful testing audiences because the business was targeting a small local audience that could be easily saturated. We were still able to create 11 prospecting audiences and 5 retargeting audiences, though. We included people who engaged with the FB ads, IG ads, and main site in the retargeting campaigns just to make sure our bases were covered.

Month 1, Launch Campaigns

We launched with a $600 budget, testing 14 ad sets with 4 ads within each ad set. We were able to spend $620 and acquire 41 leads with a $15.12 CPL.

Month 2, Early Optimization

After a great start, we were able to optimize the campaigns with the data we had gathered to bring that CPL down to $12.77. This decrease in CPL allowed us to generate with more leads with the same ad spend.

Months 3-4, Full Optimization

Over the next 2 months, we spent $1,373 using the SAME video content. We were able to pull that CPL down even further to $9.16, which surpassed the original goal of $15 by a comfortable margin. Lead volume was up as well.


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Campaign Management

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