Business Coaching

The main goal was to get $2k-$100k sales prospects opted into a webinar funnel. They also hoped to reduce their CPL from $15-20 to $10.

Game Plan

With this account, we came in with a good amount of data. So we broke down top performing age segments, interest, cities within the US, and then creative. This campaign/webinar was evergreen which meant it was recycled weekly. So exclusions were a must which weren’t being done before.

Our initial plan was to create 3 separate campaigns each with 12-15 audiences. Within each audience, we had 4-6 variations of ads that were based off the top performers. Long copy worked the best in this case for us. So all ads consisted of longer form copy. The images we used were of the coach with layover text explaining how to make a 6 figure income.

We also revamped their retargeting. We implemented heavy retargeting to increase her show rate from 10% to 25%, The retargeting consisted of a 1 day, 3 day, and 5 day reminder of the weekly webinars coming up. And to boost the webinar thru play rate, we added in some extra goodies which brought the 100% video watch ratio from 30% to 50%.

Month 1, Launch Campaigns

We started with a budget of $2,000. Despite it being a relatively small budget for this type of campaign, we were able to get the lead cost from the prior months cost of $10 to less than $5.

Month 2, Early Optimization

Having made an immediate impact, we were able to scale their budget to $8k. We were able to keep their CPL $3 under their target at $7.

Months 4-7, Full Optimization

Over the next 4 months, we were able to spend the same amount while staying within their goal CPL. $25.5k spend with a CPL of $10.16. Of course there were some poor performing audiences driving up cost. But with this spend and fluctuations, we were happy with the optimizations being done.


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Campaign Management

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