Service Case Studies

See what we've done for our partner's clients.

Franchise Agency

CPL Dropped 84%

Auto Performance

95% Drop in CPL

Law Firm

188% Increase in Leads

Spa Clinic

3400% ROI

Plastic Surgeon

700% ROI

Dental Practice

$9 Cost Per Lead

Plastic Surgeon

10x Return on Ad Spend

Interior Design

Over 4x Return on Ad Spend

Furniture Retailer

CPL Dropped 98%

Medical Spa

2900% ROI

Tree Service

 $15 Leads

Truck Financing

CPL Dropped 85%

Business Coaching

$10 Cost Per Lead

Real Estate

84% Drop in CPL

Auto Repair

52% CPL Drop in 30 Days

B2B Logistics

Produced $12 Leads

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