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Our Name is oxbird.

Our goal is to build strategic partnerships through exceptional experiences and meaningful growth.

  • Strategic - synergy that lasts
  • Exceptional - professionalism that wows
  • Meaningful - progress that matters

Experience Pays. Trust the Experts.

oxbird unifies extensive experience from a wide variety of backgrounds including both traditional mom-and-pop and industry-leading international digital marketing agencies. Some of us come from backgrounds in SEO and Google AdSense, in-house corporate marketing, contracted work at Facebook, and customer service teams. Others bring studies in rhetoric, linguistics, and literature. We’ve worked across the spectrum and chosen to specialize in digital advertising.

Skills and Goals. We're Ready.

These skills are important because we understand the difficulty of finding a well-rounded specialist, someone who is both analytical and creative. We function as a unified team, complementing one another’s strengths and weaknesses. Together we work toward things like increasing attribution for conversions, demonstrating return on ad spend (ROAS), and retaining healthy client relationships. We’ve also practiced and refined arts like client meetings, recap emails, and written updates.

Learn About Our History

Daniel Holdeman

The Early Days

Daniel cut his teeth on digital marketing while managing SEM for the largest children's entertainment provider in L.A.

December 2007

Los Angeles, CA

Scorpion Design

SEM Manager

Daniel was hired by one of Google's largest Premier Partners and trained by industry-leading practitioners.

01 February 2015

Valencia, CA

SEM Contractor

Need for White-Label

Recognizing a need among digital agencies for expertise in PPC, Daniel launched his own agency in that arena.

October 2015



Company Rebranding

We changed our name and logo in favor of a stronger, symbolic, shorter, and simpler identity. Still white-label.

January 2017

Fully Remote


Direct to Market

After managing relationships with hundreds of clients via partner agencies, we decided to start connecting with new advertisers in person.

January 2020

Fully Remote

Our Clients. Who We Serve.

Our Clients.
Who We Serve.

We work with clients who see our digital advertising efforts as an investment in their business, and we believe that a small client with proper expectations is better than a big client with unrealistic dreams. Our clients understand that while it is possible to start receiving results in week one, it’s far more likely in month three. This timeframe requires trust, so our specialists apply data-driven optimizations and provide comprehensive reporting to ensure success and satisfaction.

Our brand name, "oxbird," stems from the concept of symbiosis, where two things live in close association with mutual benefits. Oxen and oxpeckers are such an example. I liked "oxbird" because it communicates simplicity and strength.
Daniel Holdeman
CEO, oxbird

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