oxbird symbolizes synergy within partnerships.

We strive to be the ultimate turnkey solution for white label PPC in the US so our partners can stay focused on their areas of expertise.


Entrust your client’s accounts to a professional US-based workforce. No freelancers here. Only full-time oxbird employees committed to our mission and our clients. We do not hire amateurs, which means your client’s accounts will be in the hands of specialists with years of agency experience managing ads in their respective fields (paid search or paid social). We leverage this experience to benefit you and your clients, and we have managed over 1,000 ad accounts across dozens of verticals.


We pioneered the ideal communication model whereby our team is directly accessible via chat and video calls. No “middlemen.” We do not limit your communication or charge extra for exceeding some cap. If you need anything, simply reach out. We also provide you with hand-crafted, strategic updates on a monthly basis. You won’t be limited to one report a month. If you need more, simply request one. No charge. This can all be done in Pivot, our innovative platform that streamlines your entire journey.

Our brand name, "oxbird," stems from the concept of symbiosis, where two things live in close association with mutual benefits. Oxen and oxpeckers are such an example. I liked "oxbird" because it communicates simplicity and strength.
Daniel Holdeman
CEO, oxbird


Daniel Holdeman

The Early Days

Daniel cut his teeth on digital marketing while managing SEM for the largest children's entertainment provider in L.A.

December 2007

Los Angeles, CA

Scorpion Design

SEM Manager

Daniel was hired by one of Google's largest Premier Partners and trained by industry-leading practitioners.

01 February 2015

Valencia, CA

SEM Contractor

Need for White-Label

Recognizing a need among digital agencies for expertise in PPC, Daniel launched his own agency in that arena.

October 2015



Company Rebranding

We changed our name and logo in favor of a stronger, symbolic, shorter, and simpler identity. Still white-label.

January 2017

Fully Remote

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